Like4Like Imacros script Bot + Anti-bot deleter For Free(2019)


Like4Like iMacros Script Bot

Hello Friends!! So in today’s post, we are going to share some like4like imacros scripts bot which will help you to grow your social media accounts. Here we will tell you everything about like4like and the imacros scripts. Make sure you read the full article and follow each step to make the script work perfectly. We are also adding videos with every script to show that scripts are working. All the scripts are tested and updated regularly.

Though these scripts you can get these services:
Free Facebook Like, Free Facebook Followers, Free Facebook Shares, Free Facebook Comments
Free Twitter Followers, Free Twitter Likes, Free Twitter Retweet
Free Youtube Subscribers, Free Youtube Likes, Free Youtube Comments, Free Youtube Views
Free Google Plus Post Plus, Free Google Plus Circle
Free Instagram Follow, Free Instagram Like, Free Instagram Comments
And many more things.

Things To Download:

  • Firefox Web Browser (only 55.0.3)


  • GreaseMonkey (only 3.17)


  • Like4Like Antibot Deletor


  • Imacros Firefox Add-on (only 8.9.7)


Like4Like iMacros Scripts:

  • Facebook Auto Follow Script


  • Facebook Auto Like Script


  • Google Plus Auto Circle Script


  • Instagram Auto Follow Script


  • Youtube Auto Like Script


  • Youtube Auto Like Script (2)


  • Youtube Auto Subscribe Script


How to install Firefox & iMacros?

To make sure you install firefox & iMacros properly we have created a video which will show how to install Firefox Browser & iMacros properly in your computer. Make sure you are using only those version which is mentioned in our post. These versions are tested and working properly with our scripts.

  1. Download Mozilla Firefox from the above-given link and Install it.
  2. Launch Mozilla Firefox
  3. Change Firefox Setting to Do Not Auto Update.
  4. Download and install imacros extension for Mozilla Firefox.

How to add iMacros Scripts?

Some of our readers may not be aware of how to add iMacros scripts properly to iMacros. Here will tell you how to add the scripts and make them work properly.

Download the imacros script from our blog and copy it in the following folder. PC/Documents/iMacros/Macros ( this is the folder location for window 8.1 )

How to Download all things?

well, we have shortened the links because it happens that these links are removed sometimes. So to make sure that these links will not get removed we have shortened them. Now many of you may face any issue while downloading anything then this video will surely help you.

To End:

We hope that this post will help our readers in many ways. If any of the scripts stop working or link not working then please comment below and we will make sure that it will start soon. All the scripts are solely owned by team Dream Chaser.

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